The range of machines

Yena Europe features a complete range of machines. Whatever your machining needs, we have the machine to answer them :















D15 - 4 axis : 2 disc


Yenadent produces milling machines for the Dental industry. It was created in 1996 and started producing 20 years ago.
Today, Yenadent has more than 2000 machines installed in the world. The range of machines includes several models, 4 and 5 axes, to meet all your needs : D10, D14 and D15 (compact desktop models), D6, D43, and DC40.

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D15 - 5 axis : 1 disc  

Our machines are open systems capable of machining the STL files generated by your scanner and its CAD (Dental Wings, Exocad, 3 Shape). They are made to meet all your milling needs.



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