Scanner NeWay




New shapes that reflect this new concept; designed to embody flexibility and care for detail. Embraces the unconventional to improve your everyday-routine adapting to all your needs.



Open at its core, for structure and functions, it is highly customizable and proves to be the best scanning solution for any kind of restorations. No boundaries or restrictions, be free to scan your way.



NeWay and ScanWay are built for you. Easy and intuitive to use scanning procedures and item positioning together with the range of provided accessories will make your job smooth and worryless. With its incresed speed and the fact that the meshes are generated during scanning, NeWay will make your job faster than ever.

Technical specifications Scanner NEWAY



The NeWay scanner introduces a new High-Accuracy scan technology; thanks to the Reference Rim object, accuracy and repeatability significantly increase making NeWay the best choice for complex work such as implant bars or full arch restorations.

The ISO 12836 is specifically designed for dental application; it simulates the case of a cavity for an inlay and a four-unit bridge over two dies.

The VDI / VDE 2634 is the most known certification for optical scanner for industrial use and uses standard “ball bars”.




This module allows to define a project to scan quadrant-type models in just 2 steps


The dedicated model holder allows to easily place all the components in the scanner.


The step-by-step procedure guides the user through the acquisition and the automatic alignment.




Dynamic Articulation Module

The Scan Way dynamic articulation module allows the user to transfer the mastication position realized in the laboratory with a real articulator into its Exocad virtual equivalent. This step is carried out using some dedicated mounting plates that allow to obtain a simulation of the dynamic articulation that accurately reflects the real one.

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