Featuring a complete equipment and wet milling system


 The D43 standard full equipment features disk holder, high frequency spindle and tool changer.
This machine is designed for metal milling and is equiped with wet milling system (tank, pump, filter)


Technical information

Number of disks 1
XYZ Stroke (mm) 400 x 230 x 130
Axes Engine servo-motor 400W
Spindle Power 2,7 kW
Spindle Speed 60000 rpm
Tool Changer Yes
Number of tools 24
Tool Sensor Yes
Weight 210 kg
Dimensions (cm) 164x 80 x 80

- THK slides and ball screw (Japan)This D43 machine also features the following components:

- Harmonic Drive Rotary axis (Certified German system)

- Compressed air nozzle facing the milling tool

- LED lighting of the milling area

- USB key for system recovery


Options :

- Suction,

- Premilled holder 

- Machine color

- YENADENT implant library and premilled


This machine was fisrst introduced in the Fall '15 during the Lyon ARIA meeting. The New D43 is a versatile complete sturdy machine. The new D43 machine can mill any materials (Wax, PMMA, PU resin, Zirconia, Chrome-Cobalt and Titanium). It can either be used with wet or dry milling system (along with compressed air). It features an inlet for resins and Zirconia milling (specific vaccum available). The table is embedded with the wet milling system: tank, pump and filter for Titanium, Chrome-Cobalt and hard ceramics milling.

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