Scanner Smart

Flexible solution, complete scanner

Comprehensive and customizable solution, this scanner allows you to fully exploit the potential of digital development facing the complex problems of modern dental technologies.



  • Acquisition of models
  • Bridges and anatomical crowns, reduced, per layer
  • Guided acquisition procedure
  • Acquisition of separate and non-separated models
  • Multi-die acquisition
  • Acquisition and alignment of the Scanbody for implants
  • Acquisition from laboratory articulators
  • WaxUp
  • Dental veneers
  • Inserts
  • Telescopes
Functions can be customized to integrate the main dental CAD products available on the market.


Available options :

- Acquisition of fingerprints
- Personalized pillars
- Screwed bridgings
- Bars of attachment
- Gutters
- Design models on footprint
- Design of temporary apparatus
- Definition and generation of surgical guides
- Dynamic Articulation Module
- Module Quad Concept
- Reference ring

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