Modules of Scanners


Free use 

Allows you to use the scanner without any constraints, in order to scan and export in open formats to any program.


Guided use

Ability to define a project and then be guided, step by step, to perform all scans and alignments needed for the project.


Acquisition of fingerprints

You create a fingerprint acquisition project and are then guided step by step to perform all the scans and alignments required for the defined project.

Possibility of converting the impression into a full model with base. The full template file is ready for 3D printing.


Support multi-die

Creation of a project in which stumps, and possibly polishes, of different patients are digitized simultaneously.



Skeleton project

Creation of models digitization projects for mobile prostheses.
Optimization of output data for skeleton CAD.



Orthodontic project

You create an orthodontic acquisition project and you are then guided step by step to perform all the scans and alignments needed for the defined project and optimized for the orthodontic CAD.

Possibility of creating a square pedestal on the digitized model. The full template file can be archived.


Laboratory articulator

Ability to acquire occlusion by directly inserting the laboratory articulator, thanks to a specific scanning strategy.



Use of the graphics card to speed up software calculations. Accelerates scans, alignments and mesh generation.


Système de positionnement

Additional sensors allow you to know the position and motion of the object in the scanner with greater accuracy, while speeding up scanning and improving the output on small objects.


Direct scanning system

Ability to integrate additional images into your digitization projects. Interactive mode where the scanner automatically positions the object in the position selected by the user.



Tool kit to recalibrate the acquisition optical head, thanks to an automatic function of the scanning software.



Color acquisition

Acquires not only the shape, but also the color of the object. On digitized surfaces, it will be possible to distinguish between drawings and lines.




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